A higher value for image guidance will more strongly guide the output, while lower values will allow for more creative interpretation of your prompts.


    Texture resolution

    Number of images

    Choose the number of textures you want to generate from this prompt

    What's the AI Texture Generator by Polycam?

    Polycam's free AI Texture Generator is like a magic wand for anyone into 3D modeling, gaming, or animation. It can turn your creative ideas into reality by generating incredibly realistic textures based on a simple text prompt.

    How can I create awesome 3D textures?

    Creating beautiful 3D textures is a breeze with this tool. Just type in a prompt, and you'll receive up to four seamlessly tileable textures. The secret sauce? The more details you put into your prompt, the more precise and tailored your results will be. If you want to tweak things a bit, make your prompt even more specific, and just click “generate” again. Happy with what you see? Choose a texture and hit the download button.

    Can I use these textures in Blender, Unreal Engine, and other software?

    Absolutely! The textures you get from the Polycam AI Texture Generator are watermark-free and ready to be imported directly into popular software like Blender, SketchUp, Unreal Engine, Unity, and more. No hassle, just pure creativity.

    What are these textures good for?

    These AI-generated textures are like Swiss Army knives for digital artists. They're perfect for video games, AR/VR experiences, 3D digital art, and jaw-dropping VFX. Your imagination is the only limit.

    Is commercial use allowed?

    You bet! These textures come with an unrestricted and royalty-free commercial license. You're free to use them for your projects without worrying about royalties or attribution. Though, a little acknowledgment is always appreciated.

    Got feedback? We want to hear from you!

    We're constantly working to make this texture generator even better. Help us out by sharing your feedback. Your insights are like gold to us, and they'll help us keep improving and making this tool even more amazing. So, don't hesitate to let us know what you think!

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