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Share your captures with friends, co-workers, professionals, and clients across the globe. Our sharing feature is free and available on all of our platforms – iOS, Android, and web.

Edit scans as a group, and control permissions and access from within the app. Use sharing to create collaborative albums and build collections with other users. Start sharing and working together with Polycam.

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3D Capture, for Everyone

LiDAR scanning and photogrammetry made easy.


Polycam is the world’s most popular 3D scanning app for iOS, web and Android. We believe that 3D capture is for everyone, so we made it easy. Now you can scan the world around you with your mobile device, DSLR camera, or drone to get beautiful, accurate 3D models.

Captures are helpful in every single professional 3D workflow. You can use them in floor plans, architectural renderings, VFX and filmmaking, 3D art, scene building and more. Join the growing worldwide community today and try Polycam for free.

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LiDAR Scanning

With the LiDAR sensor on Pro iOS devices you can scan the world around you in stunning 3D.

LiDAR Scanning

LiDAR scanning is the most fun and helpful feature of newer, pro-model iOS devices. Never before has 3D scanning been possible on a mobile device.

Polycam’s free LiDAR scanning pipeline lets you capture an entire home in 3D in minutes. It’s the best LiDAR scanning app for contractors, interior designers, and architects.

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Use Photo Mode on your device or on the web to get instant, accurate 3D models of absolutely anything.


Photo Mode turns every iPhone and Android device into the start of a powerful photogrammetry pipeline. You can use it to capture your world in incredible detail.

Choose Photo Mode if you want to get high quality 3D models in minutes, and publish them to our Explore feed to share with our community across the globe. Use models for scene building, game development, VFX and more.

From the Polycam web app, you can upload images captured on any device, including your professional camera or drone.

Free 3D Models

Discover free 3D models in the explore feed. Join the largest community of 3D capture enthusiasts and share your 3D content directly on Polycam.

Free 3D Models

You’ve never seen a 3D model collection like this before. Browse millions of 3D models and download them for free in Polycam Explore.

All captures are stylistically consistent, and can instantly be used in 3D art and VFX projects. If you can’t scan an object yourself, it probably exists in Polyworld. Create albums and collect 3D models for fun or curate models for specific projects. Whatever your use case, the Polycam Explore feed is full of the largest variety of high quality captures generated by our very own users.

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Explore in Augmented Reality

View your 3D models in AR. Create and save videos to wow and share.

Augmented Reality

We believe some very cool things are around the corner in AR/VR. With Polycam, you can create AR videos by blending captures into the environment around you.

It’s the easiest way to wow friends, clients, and potential buyers. AR is great as a tool for e-commerce. You can scan your products and visualize them in 3D, with real-world dimensions.

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Drone Mapping

Upload drone imagery to Polycam Web to generate 3D scans of entire buildings, structures or city blocks.

Drone Mapping

Polycam makes it easy to turn drone footage into expansive 3D models. Upload your keyframed drone images on Polycam Web and get a capture back in minutes.

Other drone-mapping services can cost $100/month. Polycam is over ten times cheaper, and much easier to use. It’s perfect for drone pilots who want to create 3D captures from in-flight footage, but don’t want to break the bank or spend hours learning new software.

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