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Start scanning any room and interior by downloading the Polycam app on your LiDAR-equipped Apple device.

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What is 3D Room Scanning?

By utilizing LiDAR hardware capabilities alongside sophisticated processing algorithms, Polycam enables you to use your iPhone or iPad device to quickly create an accurate 3D representation of any interior space you find yourself in. Furniture and appliances are automatically detected, as well as wall color, windows, and cabinetry. Curved walls and ceilings (if present) are also captured and represented while you scan.

Once your room scan is complete, we'll process the capture in a few minutes.

Can I export my Room scans?

You are able to export your room scans in up to 12+ different file formats including OBJ, FBX, GLTF, and PDF (for floor plans). Your exported files are compatible with all the popular 3D software including Blender, Unity, Maya, Unreal Engine, Rhino, Revit, and SketchUp (and much more).

What can I use 3D room scans for?

Once your 3D room scan is ready, you'll be able to interact with it in several ways. You'll be able to select specific points within the interior and see accurate measurements between those points. In addition, you can shift to a first-person point of view and take a virtual tour of the interior space you've scanned.

For the curious or architecturally inclined, you can generate an instant floor plan based off of your room scan that is complete with measurements and is able to be easily exported and shared with your team members and clients in several different file formats (including PDF). You can also export your room scan into your favorite 3D software including Blender, Maya, Revit, and more. From there, you can either capture different objects or search Polycam for more 3D assets you can use to fill and outfit your captured 3D room spaces.

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