🎉 Introducing Polycam for Teams: Create a shared team library 👥


Polycam for Teams is a set of content and user management tools designed for groups of people to collaborate across a shared 3D capture library. It’s also a way for companies and organizations to manage Polycam subscriptions on behalf of their employees.

Polycam users can create a Team and invite additional team members in Polycam’s web app. Once a Team has been created, they can access and add to the Team’s library via Polycam’s iOS app. Team management happens on the web, and interacting with the shared library can happen on web or iOS.

Polycam for Teams is for small companies and organizations who have several employees getting value out of Polycam’s apps. It enables new collaborative workflows where team members can create captures and others can access them as needed. Teams is free for up to 3 members.

Scan from the Sky

Industry-leading 3D reconstruction for use with your drone data

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3D scan of European city center

Drone Mapping

Simple, Fast, and Easy

Upload your drone photos to the web and achieve killer results with no software to download, and no complicated workflow. Just like on our mobile app.

  • Compatible with photos from any drone.
  • Simple interface, 1 click to process.
  • Up to 150 captures per month for only $60 per year.

Drone Mapping

Phone and Drone 3D Capture

Map massive structures with total simplicity, and extend the details of your scan in our mobile app.

  • A single subscription for LiDAR mapping with iPhone and drone mapping via web.
  • Export and integrate into popular engineering and design software like SketchUp, AutoCAD, Unity and more.
  • Expedite your workflow in digital twin delivery.

Drone Mapping

Share & Show Off

Host all of your captured content online and share privately with customers or publicly to your followers.

  • Store your scans online and generate private links for customers or collaborators.
  • Download OBJ, LAS, FBX, DXF files and more.
  • Use our expanding suite of tools to maximize the value of your data.

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