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3D Scanning for Architecture, Engineering and Construction

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3D scan of the Union Mine entrance in Cerro Gordo


A New Way to Build

Expedite your design/build workflow with Polycam. It’s simple. Scan your project and get an instant 3D model which you can easily export into your favorite software.

  • Scan entire properties and job sites.
  • Export as a mesh or point cloud in 15+ formats, including OBJ, FBX, DXF, and STL.


The Ultimate Design Reference

Forget about tedious measuring processes, and leave your pencil and paper behind. With Polycam, you can create floor plans and layouts with little to no processing time.

  • Use the Plan Tool to get an instant top-down view of your project’s walls and floors.
  • Get an accurate 3D measurement on any dimension long after you’ve left a jobsite.


LiDAR-Guided Accuracy

We know accuracy is everything. You can count on Polycam to consistently create multi-room 3D scans that are accurate to within an inch. The number one iPhone LiDAR app.

  • Scan multi story buildings with the Extend Tool.
  • Capture properties from the inside out.
  • From your scan, create architectural plans, floor plans, and define requirements for a construction project


Drone Integration

Use drone photogrammetry for scans of job sites. Capture massive areas from above and easily process them into 3D reconstructions. The cheapest, easiest drone photogrammetry option.

  • Capture footage with your drone.
  • Upload images to Polycam web for processing.
  • Analyze as an architectural reference, or use the capture to create a site plan.


Share Your Build Sites in 3D

3D collaboration is the future. Effortlessly share your captures of existing project conditions with team members on the job site and at home.

  • No need to travel to every job site. Have clients send you scans or photos and process with Polycam.
  • Send and present your captures instantly.

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