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Collaborate more effectively with your team by capturing, designing, building, inspecting, and managing in 3D

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3D scan of a construction site

Polycam's native 3D library

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High Precision 3D capture

Utilize state-of-the-art photogrammetry and LiDAR technology for precise and rapid 3D model creation.

  • No special equipment required - all you need is a compatible smartphone device
  • Utilize multiple scanning modes within one simple app

Polycam's native 3D library

privacy features


Collaborative tools

Enhance project collaboration with tools that allow team members to work together from any location in real-time.

  • Each team member gets access to built-in editing tools for captures
  • Easy cloud syncing for all projects


Scalable Team management

Easily manage user roles and data across your organization with robust administrative features

  • Seamlessly invite, manage, and remove members from your team
  • Create multiple folders with unique access for each

Polycam's native 3D library

privacy features


Advanced security

Protect your data with enterprise-grade security protocols and compliance standards.

  • Your sensitive data is protected from unwanted access
  • Choose projects are visible to to specific members or teams


Dedicated Onboarding & Support

A dedicated team for onboarding and support to ensure your organization is maximizing the potential of Polycam

  • Personalized white-glove service for your team
  • On-shore support team to quickly address any issues you may face


Powerful 3D scanning for teams


Flexible team administration


Secure collaborative space

3D for everyone

Powerful 3D capture for your entire team

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