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3D Scanning for Interior Designers

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3D scan of a three story house's interiorcapture by @NilloPillo

Interior Designers

Inspire Your Clients

New to 3D? Start with a capture! Polycam makes it easy to integrate 3D modeling into your daily workflow. Inspire your clients with 3D reconstructions of their projects.

  • Provide clients with samples of materials, furniture options, floor plans and layouts.
  • Impress clients with 3D models.
  • Scan behind the scenes and capture ceilings, HVAC and utilities that are hard to measure.

Interior Designers

An Accurate LiDAR Scanner in Your Pocket

Scan a space with LiDAR Mode and expedite your workflow. No need to measure by hand. Capture entire homes with as little as one scan.

  • Use LiDAR mode to capture empty rooms.
  • Plan your design project within a 3D model of the actual space.
  • Export your scans into your existing 3D software workflow.

Interior Designers

Build a Library of 3D Design Assets

Capture assets in Photo Mode to build your 3D library.

  • Use Photo Mode to create a 3D library of furniture, artwork, materials and more.
  • View your asset library in AR, previewing how something might look in a space.
  • Show your client what their furniture will look like in a new arrangement.

Interior Designers

Share with Professionals Across the Globe

Share your 3D models of homes and furniture with your team, clients, or other collaborators. Show off past projects and ideas for future designs on your website by embedding Polycam captures.

  • Use Polycam scans of an interior as a reference for contractors and architects.
  • Save hours of work by combining Polycam scans with Sketchup to get accurate models for designing new space.

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