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In order to view and create 360 images and skyboxes, download our app here. Polycam 360 Mode is available for Apple iPhone 11 and newer.

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Polycam 360 Mode

How does Polycam create 360 images?

With your compatible Apple device in hand, simply follow the on-screen prompts to capture a panoramic 360 image. By stitching the images taken together and utilizing AI infill techniques, we're able to help speed up the capture process by a factor of 3-4x as well as fill in any missing areas of the 360 image.

Once capturing is complete, it typically takes about 15-20 seconds to process the final output on your device.

Can I export my 360 scans into other software?

Of course! After you’ve created 360 images of your own using Polycam, you are able to export them into different software in up to 12+ different formats including OBJ, FBX, and more.

What can I use my 360 images and captures for?

With Polycam's 360 Mode, you'll be able to capture breathtaking landscapes, large groups, events, and more. Preserve precious memories without sacrificing quality and immersion. For more professional uses, you can create 360 images to use as environments to be used within games, VR experiences, and other spatial computing applications. You can also seamlessly use your 360's as backgrounds for your other captures, giving you the ability to mix and match subject matter for any project you can think of.

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