🎉 Introducing Polycam for Teams: Create a shared team library 👥


Polycam for Teams is a set of content and user management tools designed for groups of people to collaborate across a shared 3D capture library. It’s also a way for companies and organizations to manage Polycam subscriptions on behalf of their employees.

Polycam users can create a Team and invite additional team members in Polycam’s web app. Once a Team has been created, they can access and add to the Team’s library via Polycam’s iOS app. Team management happens on the web, and interacting with the shared library can happen on web or iOS.

Polycam for Teams is for small companies and organizations who have several employees getting value out of Polycam’s apps. It enables new collaborative workflows where team members can create captures and others can access them as needed. Teams is free for up to 3 members.

The World Is Your Asset Store

3D Scanning for VFX and 3D artists

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3D scan of some green piping with graffiticapture by @Ian_Hubert
  • 43.3kvertices
  • 32MBfile size
  • 3.2m2sq meters

VFX/3D Artists

Faster, Easier, Better

There’s no need to get your laptop out on site. With Polycam you can capture, edit, and share your scans from your handheld device. From game development to VFX and filmmaking, Polycam is the tool you need to expedite projects and push the limits of 3D creation.

  • Create special effects for video games and film.
  • 3D scanning of environments for CGI, VFX, and 3D art.
  • Scan people and create video game characters - Main character in Boneworks based off scan.
  • 8.7kvertices
  • 5.6MBfile size
  • 0.1m2sq meters
  • 9.1kvertices
  • 5.8MBfile size
  • 0.1m2sq meters
  • 8.3kvertices
  • 6.2MBfile size
  • 0.1m2sq meters

VFX/3D Artists

Create Characters

Ever wanted to put yourself in a 3D environment or play as yourself in a video game? Polycam makes that dream a reality.

  • Scan people and create video game characters.
  • Capture figurines, statues, and animals with Photo Mode so you can rig/animate them.

VFX/3D Artists

Plan and Design Sets

Use LiDAR scanning to get a super-reference while scouting locations. No tape measurers needed.

  • Capture sites for film, photo and set design.
  • Share spaces with project collaborators like costume, lighting, and makeup.

VFX/3D Artists

Import Props & Build Scenes

You no longer have to spend hours modeling a rock or bush by hand, scan objects and props with Photo Mode and get a hyper realistic, accurate 3D model in minutes.

  • Scan thousands of objects and import them into scenes.
  • Access the fastest-growing library of 3D captures in Polycam Explore.

VFX/3D Artists

Integrate with Your Favorite 3D Software

With over a dozen export file types to choose from, seamlessly integrate your Polycam scans into your 3D software of choice.

  • 3D capture for Blender, Maya, or Cinema4D.
  • Build worlds out of 3D scans in Unity, Unreal, or three.js

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