Powerful 3D scanning for structural design

Revolutionize the way your team designs structures & spaces with easy-to-use 3D capture technology.

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Design spaces and structures

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Design spaces and structures

Use our state-of-the-art photogrammetry and LiDAR technology to create precise 3D models - digital twins of any structure or space to be worked on.

  • Your 1:1 digital twin allows your team to concept, iterate, and finalize designs efficiently
  • Access and interact with your design space even if you’re offsite
  • Use your digital twin within your favorite 3D software allowing your team to create realistic proofs, concepts, and mockups


Robust 3D Asset Export Capabilities

Leverage Polycam’s comprehensive 3D asset export capabilities to enhance your structural design workflows.

  • Multiple Export Formats: Export 3D models in various formats to help streamline the creation of CAD drawings, BIM files, floorplans, Xactimate sketches, and more
  • Easily integrate 3D assets into your existing design systems and software including AutoDesk, Rhino, Revit, and more
  • High-fidelity 3D exports provide detailed and accurate representations, enabling better decision-making and planning


Endlessly scalable team management

Easily manage user roles and data across your organization with robust administrative features.

  • Assign each team member their own access, privileges, and capabilities
  • Create different team folders with their own captures, tagging, and access

Construct your facilities’ digital twin in moments



Unlimited High-Precision 3D Capture

Empower your team with unlimited 3D scans across multiple modes alongside powerful editing capabilities with no usage limits.

  • No special equipment or technical expertise required - all you need is a compatible smartphone device
  • Utilize multiple scanning modes within one simple app


Powerful 3D scanning for teams


Flexible team administration


Secure collaborative space

3D for everyone

Powerful 3D capture for your entire team

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